Talk about being vain

posted by Peter Shankar

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OLAY ! Once upon a time they were called 'Oil of Ulan'.

I started using OLAY some years ago. I got captivated with its tagline " 7 anti-aging benefits' and so I started using their mosturizing cream and I love it. It keeps the face moist and soft , plus it it had some effect at making me look younger (that's what people say) AND so I got really encouraged to being consistent in using the cream.

BUT then , the other day I was walking along the cosmetics department at Sunway Pyramid, and I saw a booth selling all OLAY products and I got really excited coz I had wanted to get two other creams, one was a night facial cream, I think it's called 'night mosturizing cream' or something like that and the other one was an eye cream. You know, since a lot of people say I look younger than my age, I became more conscious of my looks, including my eye bags. I didn't want to look silly buying all those OLAY products that day, coz I was alone and didn't want the sales girl to think I was a vain pot so I am now waiting to take my wife there, so I can buy the creams for ME ;) hehehe !

OLAY, Sunway Pyramid, I'm coming ! Just wondering, am I being too vain ?