Bus to Hatyai

posted by Jan

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We went to the KTM station to buy our train tickets to Hatyai. But since it's school break, the tickets are sold out until June 12. So there's no way to go to Hatyai from Kuala Lumpur by train.

Next option is by buy. Our supposed schedule to go to Hatyai was on the 10th of June. But the tickets available only for June 11, in the morning. So we're taking a bus to Hatyai. I was told that we couldn't drive. That's the downside if you don't own the car you're car-sitting on. We could have found some cheap auto insurance but like I said, when we asked permission to use the car, we didn't hear anything from the owner. It would be hard to push for it. There's no blessing in it.


Anyways... I am excited to travel again. And so are my kids.