Health Hazards

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People are exposed to different hazards everyday because of their occupations or jobs since people do not have a choice because there is a need to provide food and money to the family. Not only are they exposed but their family members are also affected. An example of which is for those individuals who work in the presence of asbestos like mining or mills, not only do they inhale the asbestos dust which causes Mesothelioma but they unknowingly bring it to the household through their clothes.

Another hazardous job is window-wiping. People, through the help of scaffoldings, clean windows of high-rise buildings. Even simple night jobs are dangerous because of the kinds of people they meet to and from their workplace. They may be robbed, raped, or murdered in the middle of the night while earning money. We are surrounded by risks and dangers everywhere we turn and we can never be too careful. But then, we need to get on with our lives so we must think and act proactively.