Oh, the Comfort of Bed

posted by Jan

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Sleeping is a vital activity in our lives. Most of the time we have is spent awake and we need at least 6 hours to rejuvenate our cells and relax our minds. So we must sleep comfortably and soundly. Thus, our beds, pillows and blankets should be for our comfort. Before, a simple mat would do but now there should be foams or mattresses to make our beds softer and more sleep-able.

There are water beds, feather mattresses, mattresses from cotton and a lot more choices. In this age, there are only a handful of people who can sleep on hard floors without complaints. With the advent of mattresses come problems like allergy or oversleeping because of the comfortable bed. For those who are allergic, allergy mattress covers are available in stores everywhere. For those who oversleep, they need a louder and more effective alarm clock.