Parades - High School Memory

posted by Jan

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The most memorable events during high school are the parades. Not because we had fun doing it for the school but of the other things happening in the sidelines during a parade. We attend parades because it is required by our teachers. Parades always start early in the morning, so we go to school earlier than usual to assemble and get ready for the big event. The marching band leads with its dancing majorettes, girls with trumpets or lyres, boys with their stainless steel drums or French horns, three burly guys holding the flags and the conductor blowing his whistle. Those behind the drum line wouldn’t care less with whatever is happening during the parade because this is the time where cliques talk with each other, guys tease other girls and even some teachers are not paying attention. This is the fun part of the parade, we got to bond with our friends and some classes are cancelled because of this. The only sad thing is that the essence of the parade is lost, but who cares, right? We had fun, that’s all that matters.