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This is the first time that I really really feel tired after a holiday break with my family. And it's not even over yet. We still have to travel by train tomorrow to get back home. I guess it's because this trip is not plain break. We needed to do some work in between. Plus it's our first time to do this as a family. It was really fun to get our kids exposed to our work. I guess it's all worth the tiredness. We dun know when we can do this again. But I wanna do this regularly... like once a year.

Of course, we will still go for holiday breaks. My boy just asked me if we could go to a new place for our holiday next time. Guess this is where Branson vacation packages come in. Hmmm. I wish. But with him going to a primary school next year, I guess we can only afford a local holiday trip. But who knows. God is full of surprises. He might surprise us with a grand holiday to Branson next year. Who knows, right? Guess I have to wake up. I am dreaming again. LOL. Or maybe I am just tired. Hehehe. For now, it's good night. Ciao!