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Our boy is going to primary school next school year (Gosh, time flies so fast). We are still undecided where to send him to school. We registered him in two schools, one is a reserve and one is where I really really like for him to go. But the latter one is very expensive. In order for him to go, we need to get some kind of sponsorship. That's the only way to go. But the question is: are we willing to go to great lengths just to raise that ridiculous amount? Or do we just content ourselves with a 100% possibility of getting subsidized by the "reserved" one? It's only his primary school. But this time is so crucial that whatever or wherever school we decide to send him will have a lifetime effect. And so, I have been reading all sorts of school reviews nowadays, on top of the diet pill reviews I have been doing. Homeschooling is another option though. But that would be the last resort. For now, we need to really pray and hear from God.