Celebrating God's Goodness

posted by Jan

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Today, I got one of those that I dreamed to have. It's one of those days that I feel dazed, amazed and blown away by God's greatness. Therefore, I concur that the more I dream, the more I end up having/getting that dream. I guess God sees the heart, too. He is awesome.

Took my husband for a Japanese food after getting my new toy, as a celebration for God's goodness in allowing me to get it. Anyways, I have grown to liking Japanese food, again. I stopped eating when we went to this Jap Resto for Valentine's Day and I got sick after that. Took me a while to appreciate sushis again.

Japanese food is so healthy, esp the sushis. It's not oily. Oily foods by the way can cause breakouts. Sometimes, it gets worse and you would need Acneticin to treat your acnes. So it's better to try to avoid oily food. I am trying but sometimes, I tend to crave oily food. Guess it doesn't hurt if taken once in a while.

Anyways, Sakae Sushi was very good.

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