Driving to Thailand, Again?

posted by Jan

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I just posted about not going out of the country till the end of the year. But while I was writing a post just now, my husband asked me whether I would want to go with him to his Thailand trip in December, with the kids. For four of us going, that would mean a bomb in the financial department as it would cost so much for four of us to fly. That would mean one thing. If I wanted the kids to go with us, we need to drive to Thailand instead. Did I want to? The husband asked. Of course, I wanted to. I guess I should start preparing now, check whether our auto insurance is up to date.

I also need to check if it doesn't clash with my friend's Vietnam trip. Gosh. There's too many options for an outside of the country trip now. LOL. Did I just say I didn't wanna have a trip til the end of the year? Confusing me.