Going on Another Trip

posted by Jan

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No, not me. I am not going anywhere until the end of this year. I haven't have a concrete plan yet, at least. Although I really wanna join my friends for their Vietnam trip but I don't think I can afford for another out-of-the-country trip for this year. If there's a provision though, I would straight away pack my bag (and camera) and go. My husband is going outstation for work.

I'll be alone with the kids again. That would mean I have to think of ways to entertain them so they won't be bugging me about when their father is coming home. I guess I have to do face painting or making personalized basketballs or maybe making cards with them. My girl asked me if we could do face painting again today. But I hesitated because it's too hard to get the paint off their faces. But I guess I have to do it with them again so they can have fun while daddy is away.