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There are so many complains nowadays that people bring work to the house, thus taking out their time with their family. I guess what we don't realize is we are trained from young to do so. Why did I say this? Even from kindergarten years, we are trained to do homework from school. I mean, we all should just do everything in school our schoolworks, right? But no, the teachers would be glad to give the kids some work to do at home.

My hubby has taken charge to help my son do his homework. I am not very good at following up. I tell my son to sit down at the school furniture we bought for him so he could do his homework at home, and I leave him like that. The hubby would usually follow through.

Sometimes it can get very stressful to hear my hubby "teach" my boy.

But for a few days now, my hubby cannot talk. So when they do homework, it's very quiet and peaceful. And I am loving it. :D