Selling my Old New Camera

posted by Jan

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You probably know that in June this year, I bought myself my first ever dslr camera. I didn't plan to buy this kind of camera but when my girl accidentally did something with my old compact camera, and we were going out of the country in a few days time, I was desperate to buy a new camera. Sony A380 was the most affordable for me. Sony A380 is designed for beginner's level and I thought it was the best for me as I didn't know anything about dslr. Glad I bought this camera. I learned so much and so fast using it.

Now I have decided to move on to a more advanced level. I just upgraded. And so I wanna sell my old and yet new camera. Anyone wanna buy? I am getting some free Online Classes and free tips about photography nowadays. It's kind of slow but I believe I am getting there. I just hope that I can sell my old camera so I can afford to buy a good lens and external flash. Really hope so...