Sewing Machine

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My mother used to have a sewing machine like this where there's a pedal you need to push up and down under it to keep it going. I used to love the sound of it. My mom would usually get busy at the beginning and end of school year as there were a lot of friends who would come and ask her to sew dresses for them. She would sew all of my and siblings dresses too. Of course, we had an advantage because we could design our own dresses. I designed my own prom dresses. We did have two proms in high school, didn't we? One in junior level and one in senior level. Anyways, I would always sit by my mother and talk to her while she's sewing. Those were one of my most memorable times with my mom. I tell you, I would be narrating my dreams for my future and we sometimes ended up laughing. But one thing for sure. Most of the things I told her came true. How did I know? She would tell me.