Career Choices

posted by Jan

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My friends and I were talking about career choices. I told them if I was smart enough to choose which career was good for me, I wouldn't take that course I took. I mean I wasn't really bad at it. I was at the average level. But I guess if I chose something that's related to literature or maybe psychology, I would probably excel in any of these areas.

There are many schools that offer a good course. There's medical assistant school if your passion is into medical. You just need to find out what your real passion is.

10 years ago, I took a test on what I was really good at, vocationally wise. I scored high on literature and performing arts. But I love what I end up doing now. Although my course is not related to what I am doing now, I still don't have any regrets in what I chose and what I am into now.

Like I said, there's always course available. They can be online courses. If I have a choice now and there's an opportunity, I'd go for...

Photojournalism. LOL!