Carlo Rino

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I might talk about Louis Vuitton, Coach handbags, Prada handbags... but I don't own any one of them. Okay... I am not telling the truth. I actually bought a Louis Vuitton purse, class AAA, worth 700 Pesos when I went back to the Philippines last year. Sad to say, I never used it. I just wanna know how LV looks like in my wardrobe. Hahahaha!

Actually, I was scared to use it in public, lest there's a fashion police hollering around, looking for impostors. In UK, they do fine people who use fake goods. Really. I am not joking. There is indeed a fashion police in UK that would catch people who would be using fake branded products!

And so... I sent back my LV purse to my sister, who can be safe in using it, in the Philippines. Hahaha! Poor sister.

Anyways, I like authentic leather purses. I especially love Carlo Rino. It's pure leather, but not that expensive to buy, especially when it's on sale. Hahahaha! It's an Asian brand, actually. I have been eyeing on one white purse but I've never got to buying it. The Carlo Rino I am using now is already 2 years old. And my hand is itching for an upgrade.

Hope my husband accidentally reads this. :D

Update: Finally I got my 2nd Carlo Rino hand bag, in white.