Empire Gallery

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There's a new mall built right behind Subang Parade. When they newly opened the mall, the parking fee was for free. So we went there quite a few times. Also, we started doing our grocery shopping there because the supermarket, Jaya Grocer, that is... is nicely organized and you can find stuff easily. Most of our monthly supplies are found there. The staff are super friendly. And oh, they have a kitchen and a cook too that if you want to buy seafood, you can actually ask them to cook for you. There's a cafe area there so if you opt for this, you can just sit and wait for your food to come.

There are exit signs and other signs everywhere of the mall so it's easy to go out or go to other places/departments if you want to.

We go there almost every weekend just to hang out.

Of course, we still go to Subang Parade to have our Nando's meals. Apparentl, Empire Gallery doesn't have Nando's restaurant yet. I hope they will accommodate Nando's soon.