Gabai Falls, Hulu Langat

posted by Jan

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We went to Bagai Waterfalls yesterday. The kids had a blast! Gosh, there are just too many beautiful places to explore in Malaysia. And this one is just an hour drive away from where I live. We went through Cheras to go to Hulu Langat. The hubby contented and relied on the google map to go to this place. It wasn't that hard to find. Once he found the way to Hulu Langat from Cheras, it was very easy to find the place as there were not a lot of turnings and of course, the signages were very good.

Gabai falls is for family outings. You can do picnics there as well. Had to pay 1RM per person, excluding the kids. There was also a private parking space for 2RM per entry. There were many cars parking on the roadside so we opted to part in a private parking lot.

So we discovered you can bring your own food there... and maybe Swisher Sweets and drinks and spend your whole day there. We only went in the afternoon. Not enough for the kids. We'll surely go back there.

Gabai Falls is also a photographer's haven. I just need to master the skill and I would have better pictures next time.