House Cleaning Galore

posted by Jan

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I have been cleaning the house the past few days. I guess I am just in the mood to do so. I mean I would usually spend little time a week to clean my house, do laundry, sweep and mop the floor, etc. But this week, I started with folding our mountain-pile of clothes for folding, taking out the very heavy shaggy out to wash. I would usually just hang it on the gate and take out the dust. But yesterday, I took it out and soak it in soap first. Later today, I will hang it again on the gate so it will dry. I am planning to wash the bed sheets again. Yeah, I try to do it once a week. (I know a fiend that changes her bed linens twice a week). On the line up is the blinds & shades in the kitchen. It looks so dusty. And oh, my garden awaits too.

Why am I doing this when I have a cleaning lady coming to our house to do the cleaning once a week for the next 4 weeks? I guess I would be too embarrassed for her to come to a very dirty house. LOL. So yes, this week is another house cleaning galore week.

That explains my absence on FB for a couple of days. :D Cheers!