London, Oh London

posted by Jan

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One of my friends is going to Europe for a trip. Gosh, I get so green everytime I see her updates about her preparation to go. I think she's going to 6 countries in Europe for this trip. I really wish I could go with her. I remember planning that trip with her last year. But because I went with hubby to England then to Colombia last year, I didn't plan to go with her this time.

But I am sooo missing London. I was just browsing at my London photo album when one of my friends from the UK asked me if I was planning another trip to the UK. I said yes, I always plan but it's only a plan. I dunno whether I could go back there again. Only God knows, right? This time, autumn starts in London. If I go this time, I'd probably be needing an electric blanket as it starts to get cold already. My UK trip was really memorable. I really wish I could go back there again and visit the country side.