Subang Parade

posted by Jan

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Hubby came home the other night. The kids wanted to wait for him because he's supposed to come back at 12 midnight. But I guess there was some kind of delay so he only reached home at about 1 am. The kids fell asleep waiting. But when they woke up the next morning (it was rather too early, at 6am), my boy woke his daddy up to watch Kungfu Panda with him. I was so smiling when I got down and saw my son telling his father what happened next while his daddy was closing his eyes, just answering yes and saying hmmmm... Guess he pays for it, huh?

We spent the rest of the day malling. And no, I didn't take my camera this time. I just wanted to enjoy the family time in the mall, at Subang Parade. It's going to be Hari Raya (a holiday for the Muslims) so the mall was kinda busy with lots of sales and promotions. The promo ranged from clothes, food, and probably promo keychains too. We didn't really shop. Oh well, I just bought books for the kids coz I promised to buy them books when their daddy came home.

And so, Subang Parade has been a part of our family, especially when we just wanna go out and chill as a family.