E-bay and Me

posted by Jan

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I used to be an e-bay costumer. I have bought quite good buys. I bought a very good dining set for 45RM. The set included 8 of each dining plates, soup plates, cups and saucers and dessert plates. And the design was simple and yet elegant. Althought they're used, but still, they worth the buy.

Another good buy was the coffee table, made of teak wood. It was so heavy. I bought it for 250RM, only. I mean any furniture made of teak wood would be very expensive, right? And the funny thing was, upon check out, I realized that those two products I bid on and won had the same owner. Hehehe.

There were other things I bought but these two products were my favorite e-bay products.

It is so good that you can actually buy from online these days. You avoid the hassle of going around looking for the things that you like. Some would probably go to an online electronic cigarette store just to avoid the inconvenience of looking around for it, by car and foot. Hey, you only use your fingers and eyes, then voila! You can buy whatever you like, online!

But when I started getting broke because of my e-bay buying addiction, I had to stop. Since then, I only bought one item... which was a few months ago, a used book. I haven't read it yet. Gaaahh!