Instant Noodles

posted by Jan

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My kids love to instant noodles, preferably maggi mee. I am not keen on giving them each time they ask me. So what I do is make chicken stock out from chicken carcass. And then I use that stock instead of adding in the maggi mee flavorings. I believe it's a healthy alternative. So now, I don't really mind giving them instant noodles soup but with homemade chicken stock instead.

But today, we ran out of groceries. We haven't gone shopping yet since the hubby came back from South Africa. We were planning on eating out but my husband slept in. So I had to cook some thing. And there were only instant noodles in my cupboard. I just minimized the flavorings and just added raw eggs in each bowl. They did enjoy it.

I don't mind eating instant noodles everyday, mind you. If not for health reasons, I would. But then, if I use chicken stock instead, it's really okay. I just thought that it can make you fat easily... but what's the use of cheap diet pills, right? Hahaha. I can have some cheeky thoughts sometimes.

Anyways, today we're going on grocery shopping spree. Wee!