Moving Back

posted by Jan

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Yes, it is confirmed. We are moving out of this house and move back to our own apartment. We have notified both parties already, the owner of this house and our tenants. Last month, we took the kids for a visit in our apartment and we asked them whether they liked it there.

Honestly, I like the comfort this house gives us but it's a bit run down. So I don't really mind going back to our apartment.

But I noticed that our apartment needs re-painting. Our kitchen sink and counter top needs fixing too. I am thinking of drywalling some parts of our apartment. I saw from that when remodeling or building new homes, we should keep drywalling in mind as it offers treatment to bring out culture and theme into your place. My kids do know how to appreciate good ambiance. I am sure they will appreciate it. I guess with the walls and ceiling drywalled, it would make such a huge difference.

With Seattle Drywall, you can do that for remodeling, new construction, addition, steel stud framing, sheetrock installation, taping and mudding, wall finishing, and or priming. With our community services in mind, one can't help but support those companies that supports community, like that of Emerald State Drywall.

I actually took the image (below) from their website. Gosh. My kids would truly love to have a room like this. For now, it is a dream because our apartment is not that big to do a kids' room like this. What we can do is maximize what we have. Now that I am thinking about it, i can't wait to do up our apartment.