My PR2

posted by Jan

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Last week, a friend told me she was seeing a pr2 on this blog. I quickly checked and true enough, I saw a green on my pr tool bar. I was so surprised because I didn't expect this blog to get its pr again.

But when I came to think of it, this domain has never had a pr. It used to have a pr2 when it was still under the free blogger domain. But after I bought it's own domain... that was like 3 years ago or so, it never had it's pr. PR by the way is an acronym for page relevance in the google world.

Before, we used to strive so much to get a high pr. But there came a time that bloggers didn't care for pr's anymore, except of course, those who are still working for pr-sensitive-pay-you-to-blog-companies. And so they'd usually do manual directory submission, do a lot of seo (search engine optimization) stuff just to get a higher page relevance. But like I said, there came a time when some of us contented ourselves with a white pr toolbar. :)

And so, when my pr2 appeared... I was happy... but I guess the feeling would be different if I was still aiming for it. Now, a green in our pr toolbar is just a status quo.