Post Natal Blues or Depression?

posted by Jan

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I was just talking about my birth when I remember the challenge I had to face the first few months after giving birth. Before I gave birth to my son, I already prepared milk bottles for him. I knew that I would be breastfeeding him but I didn't know that I would do it exclusively.

After giving birth, I discovered about the benefits of breastfeeding. I googled everything about it that I got convinced of giving my son breastmilk exclusively. It was really hard. And to think that I should rest and recover, there I was waking up every two hours just to feed him. I fed on demand. I didn't set the schedule. My baby did.

And so, it went like this for 3 months. I would be feeding him once in two hours. The first time I slept for 4 hours, it felt like a luxury for me. And the bed never felt so comfortable.

I guess the lack of sleep just made me blue. Okay I admit, I really think I had a mild depression. Every time I saw women pregnant, all I could think of was pity on them... then I would add... they didn't know what they're going into. :(

This went on for a year. Thank God I came out from that post natal blues. Some moms do go through depression after giving birth. Sometimes it gets so bad they have to take acetyl l carnitine to treat them from depression. I am just so glad that after a year (looking through a glass half full here), I was healed. Only then I welcomed the thought of having another child.

And God has honored our desire and blessed us with another one. The second one came out exactly 2 years and 1 month later (after my son's birth).