Red Stilettos

posted by Jan

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We were walking by the Elle Boutique at Subang Parade when my eyes darted towards a pair of red stilettos. They look exactly like the ones on the image on the left (which is a Nina by the way).

And so I gave my husband a certain kind of look - a look I usually give him everytime I get a crush on some things.

He then wondered out loud: what is this with women and shoes? hahaha. I guess men can never understand this side of women.

And so, when I went inside the Elle boutique just to check it out, my Samantha said: but Mommy, you already have red shoes, what?!?!

Hahaha. Both are my fashion critiques by the way. And so, both know what's in my wardrobe.

So I just decided to let it go. I am not really pushy when it comes to shopping for myself. I window shop, wish I have some coupons with me everytime I spot things I like... and then most likely, I leave without buying anything. I have a good control when it comes to shopping.

Now, I can hear my husband saying: Yeah, right!