So Warm

posted by Jan

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These past few days had been very very warm. I am not complaining though. In some parts of Asia, it's been raining cats and dogs. I mean I don't dislike rain, too. It's just that if it rains too much, then it can make you so immobile. That goes especially for me as I don't drive.

I am feeling sorry for my friend who is experiencing a flood in Lopburi, Thailand now. I really hope and pray the flood will subside soon.

Anyways, back to feeling warm... even with air conditioner on, it still feels warm. I was checking my travel photos and saw this photo of me while we did a short trip in South Korea.

Actually, we didn't plan to do so. We had to transit in South Korea on our flight from US to Malaysia. It was going to be a 10-hour transit. At the airport, we saw an advertisement for a 5-hour transit tour.

So instead of staying and resting -nevermind about the dark circles, we could find eye cream for dark circles later - we went for a 25$ 5-hour tour in Seoul, South Korea. And since we didn't experience snow in the US - I was quite disappointed with that because it only snowed the day after we left Atlanta - I was ecstatic with the idea of going out and experience snow in South Korea.

And now that I am feeling so warm, I wish I can go back to South Korea and experience yet again, the snow.