Allergic to Dust

posted by Jan

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My husband is super allergic to dust. I know when I need to start dusting off our house when he starts sneezing. Hahaha. Technically, I should do the dusting everyday. But I don't like routine jobs. I dust when necessary. It's so easy to get dust in our house because I like to keep my door and windows open to get some fresh air from outside. The park outside our house has lots of trees so we can get fresh air from there. I only close everything at night when we sleep. I turn on the air con for kids. We'll probably get one like the basement dehumidifier so it doesn't get so humid and to keep the air fresh and clean inside the house. We'll see. For now, I am enjoying listening to the rushing of leaves to the gust of wind. It's kind of windy day today. So I am basking on it. Dust the house again when the hubs start to sneeze. Hehe!