Being in College

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My sister is in college. I know that being in college is tough (been there done that) and not just because of assignments, projects, professors or the courses itself but also the finances. Some subjects require money since you have to pay for the laboratory fees and equipment or even buy the necessary books.

Because of this, students have to think of innovative ways to save money while living healthily and efficiently. One way is to share a textbook with a close friend who happens to be your classmate but then the downside to this however is, well, you have to share. The library can be a good source of references and you may find the exact book you need but then you’ll have to compete with a thousand other students. The most promising way would be to rent books for the whole semester so that you do not have to buy an expensive book, share a book with another person, or compete with others for a single copy of a book. If there are no book rentals nearby then you can check rent used textbooks online. There is a big chance that you’d find the book you need.

With these schemes in mind you can help your family in a way where you don’t have to buy books that you won’t need again. The extra money could be used for other important purposes. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.