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I have been using the Blogger's Web Hosting for a few years now. So far, I have nothing to complain against it. When I just started, I didn't know anything about domains, webhosting, self web hosting, and stuff like those. But of course, since I am into blogging business, I have come to learn all these things from reading other people's blogs, web hosting reviews, etc.

Now, more and more blogging business companies are requiring blogs to be self hosted. There are a lot of webhost site available in the market nowadays, catering to the needs of the bloggers and website administrators and website owners. There is indeed free domain name web host that's offered in some of the webhosting sites upon purchase. At, They offer the easiest way to get your blog hosted in a self hosted site.

For bloggers who are serious in their blogging business, we are indeed serious in making our blogs suited for the business. And of course, we want to do it the easier and the more convenient way. That's why it is worth checking out which webhosting company has the easiest and most convenient way of doing it for us. We want them to be available when we need them!