Cleaning Lady

posted by Jan

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Today, instead of going to the office for cleaning, the cleaning lady came to our house to do house cleaning instead. So now, we do have cleaning lady for free a couple of times in a month! That is so cool, indeed.

I let her do just a little bit of cleaning though. I still do some like washing our curtains and sheets. And speaking of curtains, I guess, it's time to put back our blinds in. I miss having blinds for our glass wall and windows now. It would be cool to have roller blinds in our living room too. Okay... we do use wooden roller blind for my kitchen window. And it is indeed easier to maintain it.

With cloth curtains, I have to take them off one by one each time to wash. And no, I don't hand wash them. I put them in washing machine. I also don't use dryer for them. I know putting it in washing machine to wash is already too much. So what I do is to put them straight away on the curtain rails and let them dry naturally. I got this tip from my sister. You get to save on two things: time and energy.

Having said all this, having blinds is still the most convenient. I don't need a cleaning lady to maintain it. I can do the cleaning myself.