End of the Year Breakaway

posted by Jan

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We just purchased our flight tickets for our December getaway with my family. We are going to an island somewhere in the north. I am really excited for this one as this is going to be my girl's first time to go to that place. My boy has been there many times already.

Actually, we are going for work first. We are going to visit the community project we've been doing since after the 2006 tsunami. After that, we're going to visit the island nearby.

It is always nice to take time off for a family city break. We always say that we work hard to give our family the best. Taking time off from work is giving one of our bests to our family. This is not compromise with. Rather, it is a must that every family should do. Life indeed is short and God gives us life to enjoy. One way to enjoy our God-given life is to give ourselves the rest we deserve. God Himself rested after 6 days of work. If He did, I guess so must we.

And so, yes... we are now on the planning stage on what we do during our breakaway. I am hoping to get a free car to use again. I'll probably just reconnect with my old contacts so we can borrow a car. It would be nice to drive around the island with the kids and go to the city to buy some souvenirs and for a bit of shopping.