Eyeglasses or Contacts?

posted by Jan


Do you have problem with your eyesight? I have read from a research before (sorry I forgot from where - it's been ages ago already) that most Chinese have problem with their eyesight, even from young. Most of them have lazy eyes. Because of this, you'd see a lot of Chinese children wearing eyeglasses at such a young age. It's not even because of watching too much television or reading in the dark. They're just born with lazy eyes.

Because of this, they need to have prescription eye glasses to aid them so they can see properly and use their eyes effectively. Can children use contact lenses? I don't think so. Their eyes are also growing as they grow up. So if they use contact lenses, they have to change everytime. And also, wearing contacts can be very inconvenient, especially in the maintenance department. So it is not advisable for kids to use lenses.

For grown ups on the other hand, they can have a choice. They can either use contact lenses or eyeglasses. Some prefer contact lenses to avoid the inconvenience of having something hanging from their ears to their eyes. Some prefer the traditional way of using eyeglasses. Some would even prefer the latter for fashion purposes. And speaking of which, ZenniOptical has announced from their site that the prices came down from from $8 to $6.95 for a cool try-on feature, Zennie frame fit! Same great quality and now lower price!