Getting Sleepy

posted by Jan

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What is it with Japanese food? Everytime I eat sushi, I'd feel very drowsy and wanna go to sleep. I have noticed this a few times after eating sushis. Otherwise, it would be too hard for me to sleep, even after midnight that sometimes I'd wonder if I really need a sleep aid so I can sleep better and more easily.

Today, I felt very sleepy right after we had some Japanese food for lunch. But we had to take out the kids because we promised we would take them out when Schenker finishes his exams. While they were playing at the play pen in Subang Parade I saw there were Japanese stuff displayed outside the grocer. I quickly checked it out. Then I found some things to help you make sushi. While I was talking to the sales lady, I found out that to cook the sticky rice, you need to add a tablespoon or two to the cooking rice to make it more sticky. One ingredient in the vinegar was rice wine. That explained the drowsiness I feel right after I eat sushi. :D