Her First Real Earrings

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Three months ago, we pierced Samantha's ears for her earrings in Poh Kong in Subang Parade. She cried a little and after that she said she's a new girl. Her grandparents bought her a pair of gold loop earrings with star hanging in the middle on each hoop. It's sort of like that on the image below. The only difference is that the stars are made of gold, too.In one of the Indian cultures that I learned, jewelry, especially made of gold or silver, keeps an integral part in their culture. The first ever gift they would give to a newborn would be a gold chain. The first gift they would give to the bride is the gold chain. And if the child uses first jewelry, there should be a ceremony that goes with it. It's the same thing we did for Samantha. When we pierced her ears for her earrings, we did have a bit of celebration.

These precious metals for them is also considered an investment. You rarely see an Indian not having a gold or silver jewelry. It is a part of their culture. It is a part of them. Gold investment has been practiced for ages. You buy gold bullion and it's sort of preserving your wealth and purchasing power. You can actually purchase these precious metals from America's top dealer, the United States Gold Bureau.