Ice Cream Party with friends

posted by Jan

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We have regular meet ups with Schenker's classmate (which happened to be our neighbor too) in the afternoons. They either meet at the park, in our house, or in his classmate's house. The other day, we set up this camp place in front of our house. So when the kids' friends came, we had ice cream party for them there... That would include for me also. hahaha. There went the diet. One can easily forget when there's delectable thing seducing you to gobble them down. And now, one needs to find safe diet pills that work to ease out the guilt. Hahaha.

Anyways, the kids had fun and they wanna do it over and over again. But I heard Schenker talking to his friend's father. He apparently told him he liked to eat roti canai (kinf of bread in Malay), so the uncle said maybe one day, they can have roti canai party too.