Just Booked!

posted by Jan

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I have posted earlier about Air Asia's free seats promo fare. Flight from Clark, Philippines was not included in the 0 fare category but it's included in the promo, 790 Philippine peso per person. The total return fare (that would include a 15-kg baggage fee and inflight meal of chicken rice with coffee/tea) was PhP3,379. It's so cheap. Since I have been planning for my parents to come here next year, it's just awesome that Air Asia has sale this early. Imagine flying to an out of the country destination and pay less than 100$ for a return fare. That really is awesome. I thank God that we are able to avail this flight.

I am planning on taking them for holiday parks, a day Genting Highlands trip, a 3-day Cameron Highlands vacation and even take them shopping in Hatyai, Thailand and maybe... just maybe, a window shopping trip in Singapore. I am excited for my parents to come here once again. I have brought them here many times already. I really love to show them my world. I guess bringing them to where I am now is just one of those things to show them my gratitude. It's going to be a break for them, too. A break from their ordinary daily routine of just being alone at home without their kids. Wow. I can't wait for next year.