London is Cheap!

posted by Jan

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I was surprised to see airfare to London was on promotion again, via Air Asia. I simply checked the website. I thought there was no more offer after that Zero seat sale promotion. I was so excited I called the hubby to check. He got all excited too. We found the dates that would cost RM1,500+ per pax, return fare.

And so my mind started to wander and fantasize about going to UK again. This time last year, we went to the UK. Gosh, I truly missed it there. We didn't go to the countryside because we wanted to tour around London first. And so, I was thinking that we really have to make another trip there to see the countryside.

We know of a friend who's currently living in Oxford and he told us that whenever we make another trip there, we could stay at his place. Well, we could stay at Holiday Cottages Devon, too if we like. And so for that span of moment, my mind has gone too far, imagining myself and the hubby walking through the flower fields, staying at a beautiful English cottage, visiting Stonehenge, and taking lots and lots of photos.

Then my mind darted back to reality when I remembered I just booked for parents trip here in Malaysia at the same travel period. They're going to be here for two months so it would be hard to make a trip to UK while my parents are still here.

So yeah, we let the promo go.

I am sure there will be more promo airfare to London in the future. I just need to keep checking their website.