My 2nd Carlo Rino

posted by Jan

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Wow. I couldn't believe that the hand bag I was drooling about for a couple of months now was on sale. I couldn't bring myself to buy it last time because no matter how much I loved it, I'd still not prefer to spend money on hand bags just like that. I was actually drooling on three things then: a Carlo Rino hand bag, one of those Womens Hats that you could wear for garden themed parties, a pair of nice gold colored stilettos.

And so yesterday, my hopes soared high when I saw the hand bag I was crushing on was on 50% discount. Imagine that, from 259RM, now I could get it for RM129.50. It's so cool to wait. I thank God that I waited. It saved me money at the end of the day.

Indeed, patience is virtue.

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