Officially Zero and on the Red

posted by Jan

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I am now officially broke zero and in a bit of debt. I have made some flight bookings for next year and made some purchases over the weekend. My paypal now has zero balance... so is my debit bank account. I am owing my credit card some 300 bucks (that's in US$).

Thank God assignments keep coming. They are blessings indeed. When I get my pay this weekend, I'm sure it will go straight to my credit card... then I need some more moolah to pay for my credit.

I know I have turned a bit too much budget wise. But I am hoping I could catch up even before we hit the holiday season. I don't like to be in the red. And I know I am very careful in financial department but couldn't help it this time. I just couldn't resist spending for my family. I know I am happy about it. I hope to get more assignments to balance off my budget. Hope to be in the white black for Christmas.