The Perfect Novel?

posted by Jan

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So here I was sitting on my favorite throne, thinking of continuing the novel I’ve been writing which I abandoned two months ago. But I cannot seem to make up my mind on the protagonist, location, the love interest and everything else for that matter.

My initial plan was to set it in a tropical area but then I would like to experience snow, even just voyeuristically. Leafing through a back issue of National Geographic magazine, I saw the perfect setting. The villa was located not far from a quaint village with busy crowds huddled in their layers of coats to ward them off the cold. It boasts of complete amenities and even a high speed internet connection. Every villa has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, some hot tub decks and a terrace overlooking the little village.

The first scene would be in a coffee shop with cozy chairs and surrounded with books. I like this certain setting because I love coffee and of course, books. The woman behind the counter would be concocting a cappuccino and then she hears the sound of the door chimes, looks up and… my imagination stops there. For now. Because it really sounded so cliché-ish. But I love toying with this idea. Snow, coffee shop, books, love and a crime to solve. The perfect novel.