Reading Novels and Learning About Law Stuff

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Reading novels is not only for entertainment or relaxation but it can also be an educational experience. There are so many things that one can learn while reading romance, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy or any other genres. Lessons in life, science, law, love, lust and mathematics are among the things one can learn while leisurely reading.

I learned many things about the law and judiciary system from John Grisham’s novels. My favorites among his novels are The Firm, The Client, The Pelican Brief and The Rainmaker. Most of the protagonists in these novels are underdogs and most of the society thinks they won’t succeed in their endeavors. Through street smarts, luck and love, they were able to overcome challenges posed by big players.

Here I learned about insurance fraud, Felony Assault, cover-ups by the “big people”, and environmental protection issues. There was a time when I thought of becoming a lawyer like those in the novels but the dream died. But I still love to read his novels and discover new things.
The latest John Grisham novel I read was Playing for Pizza. It was not about law and the game was played in a different court but it showed me the beauty and hidden places of Italy. I was transported there by his vivid imagery and brilliant storytelling.