Self Declared School Vacation

posted by Jan

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Our kids' school's vacation will not start until the end of the month, which is on November 30. But since the kids' concert and exams were over, we declare this week as a start of the school vacation. The next school year starts in January.

Usually, students will have 2 months for a school vacation but since there are many holidays in Malaysia, the school wanted to make up the time and extend their classes. I guess it does make sense as parents are paying for it and yet, the school days were cut down a lot due to the days they missed because of the holidays.

And so, what do we do for our kids' school vacation? We have set up our own "camp site" in front of our house for the kids to go and play at in the afternoons. I wish though that we could really go for real camping on an rv with rv accessories. I guess that would really be cool. But since I don't know whether there's such a place intended for camping only here in Malaysia, we will just content ourselves in camping outside our house.

I guess for kids, it doesn't really matter where you do things as long as they're having fun, they're okay with it.