Tenji Japanese Buffet

posted by Jan

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Tenji Japanese Buffet just opened another branch outlet in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. It was only a pre-opening event so you have to make reservations before going. We didn't know all these. We thought it was their opening day. But it was sort of a test-drive only.

Our friend S told us about the buffet and she said she was going too. So we talked of meeting up there.

And so what happened was, we went there without making reservations (as I have said earlier). We queued up and when it got to us, we were turned down as it was already full. We were going out and on the way to the car already when our friend called us. Good thing, they booked for 10 people. And the 3 didn't show up. So she invited us to join them at their table. We went inside the restaurant. I was expecting the a pergo accolade but looked like they're not done with finishing up the interior yet.

Gosh. I satiated my cravings for raw oysters. I had 10 of them! Raw oysters taste great with tabasco sauce and lemon squeeze on top. I had lots of different kinds of sushis. There were a lot of food served. But I couldn't taste everything as I was going for sushis and raw white salmon that tasted oh so creamy, raw red salmon, and more sushis. Slurp.

They served different kinds of Japanese noodles and tempuras (which my kids would love if they were there)... and fresh fruit juices too. There were many types of cakes (cheesecake durian included) and Haagen Dazs for the ice cream. It was my second time eating wasabi ice cream and I think I am loving it already.

The restaurant was huge too. I was told that there were 6 shop lots equivalent for that kind of space.

We paid RM38+ per person. Like I said it was just a test-drive kind of buffet. The regular price for lunch would be RM55+ and dinner would be RM66+.

Thank God for a friend for letting us know this.

I truly enjoyed my Japanese Buffet experience.