We Are Not Moving

posted by Jan

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I have posted about moving in to our apartment and it's confirmed. But recently, my husband and I discussed our move further. It looks like we're not moving out from this house after all. We were planning on moving out before the year ends. But it looks like we will be very busy next month for our family trip, Christmas celebration, not to mention our preparation for our boy who is starting his elementary/primary year at the beginning of the year, in January, next year.

So now, we'll just make use of this old house with a rustic bedroom furniture. The wooden bedroom floor may need changing but I am sure we can take care of that. The dripping (when it rains) in our room has finally stopped. The owner of the house sent us somebody who fixed our roof.

Anyways, staying back will benefit everybody as our tenants got worried when we told them they would have to move out of our apartment. Now, both parties, the owner of this house and our tenants are happy that we have decided to stay in this house.