Boat Ride to Ko Phayam

posted by Jan

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We had to take a 2.5 hour-boat ride to Ko Phayam where the other sea gypsies live. We had to take a ferry ride to Ko Payam at first because of some complications with the arrangements but had to take the boat ride from Ko Phayam all the way straight to Ranong to go back to our ministry home base.

The boat was small. I really prayed for good weather. Traveling on a small boat for 2.5 hours with kids is different than when they're not with you. Thank God for the smooth weather. There were not a lot of waves. Oh well, we did check some insurance quotes for us... so why worry? LOL. Anyways, I should say, God was with us, why fear? I guess that's more like it.

Samantha slept halfway through. Schenker was really enjoying the boat ride he didn't give in to a wink.