Booked at Crystal Inn

posted by Jan

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We have booked our hotel stay at Crystal Inn here in Phuket. My husband usually stays (along with the teams he would bring here) in this hotel that has contemporary furniture everytime he comes here. It's very cheap but they don't serve breakfast. It's okay though. Restaurants are everywhere. Just go outside and walking alongside the road, and just walk in to any Thai restaurant you can see and you can have a good Thai breakfast. Hmmmm.... what is a good Thai breakfast? I guess if it's Kanom Jin, it's good. Hehehe.

Anyways, we're staying here for a couple more nights. Today, our line up of things to do in Phuket is quite long. Our friends our excited. I just needed to come and check my online work in the lobby and off we go to... Phuket tourist spots!