Cartoon Characters on Facebook Profile

posted by Jan

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There has been an ongoing fad on facebook now. You change your profile photo into an image of your favorite childhood cartoon character. Well, honestly, during my childhood years, I wasn't fascinated with any of those cartoon characters. Reason? We didn't have tv until I was 8 years old. And back then, I would watch tv and see all those kiddie shows but didn't particularly like any characters. I was more on the young artists then. I would love That's Entertainment. But that's it.

I remember though when I was in high school I took to liking Garfield. I loved drawing him. Sometimes, I would draw it right next to my name. I didn't really see any Garfield movies. I just saw the images and he was easy and fun to draw.

But that's it.

And so... no cartoon character on my facebook for me. But it doesn't mean I don't advocate causes against childhood violence.