Childhood Memories

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My previous post about posting cartoon character on your profile made me reminisce my childhood years. We didn't start watching TV until I was 8 years old... Even then we didn't own one. We would go to our neighbor's house to watch TV. I would remember standing outside our neighbor's house, peeking through their window just to watch TV. I guess we only had TV later when I was 10 years old.

My father could have afforded it earlier, but he's such a music freak. The first thing he bought us was a 4-speaker National stereo. Ha! It was the talk of the town then. My father would lend it for the company's events. So we would do disco dancing for our barangay's (village) events using our stereo system. Hehehe.

And so, back to our tv time, before we owned one, I would spend my time playing outside. And even if we already owned one... I could still have time to do my favorite childhood activities:

Playing in the rain.

Climbing trees. I was caught once by my teacher and I got spanking after that.

Running on a grassfield going home time after school.

Bathing in the river - usually with family and friends.

Playing pretend games. I would usually pretend play to be a nun. Yes, I know, shocking, right? LOL.

Play hide and seek, catch me if you can, Chinese garter, etc.

And so when you ask me who's my favorite childhood cartoon character, I am so sorry but I couldn't come up, not even one.

Of course, with my children, it's different now. Samantha would probably say she likes Barbie. Schenker would say he likes Ben 10. But it doesn't mean they spend all their time watching TV. I make sure they get to experience being children. I let them play in the rain. We go swimming - although not in a river (we went river swimming once in Hulu Langat though) but in a pool. We go to the park and let them play and run there. I would let Schenker visit his best friend in the afternoon after his nap and encourage his friends to come and visit us too.

I love my childhood days. It warms my heart to reminisce those times.

I hope my kids would say the same thing when they grow up too.