Dieter's Dinner

posted by Jan

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This is my second day of my South Beach Diet. I am feeling good, so far. I always feel full. I wonder why. I was expecting to feel light-headed for the first three days at least. But today is my second day of the diet and I still feel so energetic... too energetic I end up cleaning the house almost the whole day. :) So what's on my dinner plate tonight?

I roasted beef (well done) with black pepper sauce (of which I bought from weight watchers' aisle in Carrefour), baked cauliflower and broccoli with cheese on top, fresh raw lettuce and cucumber sticks. I am loving my dinner. It's so healthy. That's one thing we need to invest to.. to have healthy body and healthy lifestyle.

It's like investing in gold bullion. You can surely use it on rainy days. In fact, it has been used for ages to preserve wealth and purchasing power. And so, people would invest on precious metals like gold and/or silver.